DeWitt Clinton Apartments

Organization Name: SWBR

Project Title: DeWitt Clinton Apartments

Project Location: Rome, NY

Project Description:
This project occupies the site of an old derelict school building, DeWitt Clinton Elementary School, which was left vacant for many years in the city of Rome, NY. The redevelopment of the site consists of two buildings connected by a new tree-lined street front, including new sidewalks and connections to the surrounding neighborhood. In total, the development is comprised of 80 new affordable apartments and amenity spaces, such as a community room, game room, and other various lounge spaces that encourage interaction and reinforce the important bonds that are needed to create a strong community. Nearby is the Erie Canal, and the project is connected to the canal pathway and future improvements to the waterway. The project draws heavily from inspiration derived from local elements such as the Revere Ware factory and Fort Stanwix. Beyond that, there are elements within that reflect local art and cultural contexts, working together to form a cohesive and meaningful design.

Community Impact:
The barriers people face in life can often be difficult to cross. Over and over, access to quality housing has been proven to be one of the most important factors in determining a person’s success, and this project was created to give people the foothold they need to meet their challenges. It has replaced a dangerous abandoned building with a vibrant extension of the surrounding neighborhood, making a positive impact on the community at large, while giving residents a strong sense of place and belonging. When people can benefit from the stabilizing force that a good home provides, other aspects begin to improve. In many ways, housing is the foundation of a person’s well-being, and when they do not have to worry about that, they are free to take on other challenges. This project gives people the freedom to dream.

Organization Description:
SWBR is a 100+ person multidisciplinary design firm with over 50 years in practice. We create environments to positively impact lives through meaningful design. As a multidisciplinary design firm offering architecture, structural, interior, landscape, and graphic design, we feature the latest thinking from a wide range of design professionals. We know the challenge our clients face, we have the vision for success and we are dedicated to delivering the best possible solution to the markets we serve. This is our expertise.

Team Members:

Client: DePaul; General Contractor: LECESSE Construction
DePaul, SWBR and LECESSE Construction have partnered on the creation of over 800 affordable and supportive housing units across NYS since 1998

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    Aerial View of Site

    Exterior Street View

    Interior Lobby


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