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  • Yesterday, NYHC hosted a Yes to Housing coalition rally at City Hall Park, loudly supporting the City of Yes for Housing Opportunity. We had great turnout and media coverage. Our coalition is 125 organizations and growing. We showed the strength of the coalition both in terms of numbers and the wide-range of community voices we’re […] Read More
  • New York Housing Conference recently wrote in strong opposition to S6352-C/A6772-A – a rent reset bill that would undermine the Housing Stability and Tenant Protection Act’s (HSTPA) provisions to prevent excessive rent hikes in rent stabilized apartments at vacancy. NYHC recognizes the HSTPA limitations on major capital improvements (MCIs) and individual apartment improvements (IAIs) are […] Read More
  • Rapid increases in insurance costs are adding pressure to increase rents and putting the financial viability of affordable multifamily rental housing at risk. To better understand the extent of skyrocketing insurance costs for affordable housing in recent years, the New York Housing Conference examines cost escalation, market discrimination, and decreasing coverage and outlines recommendations for […] Read More

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