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  • Last week the Legislature released their one-house budgets outlining their priorities and formally kicking off budget negotiations. The housing growth strategy outlined in both the Senate and Assembly versions of the budget bill is a weak, incentive-driven approach that we know hasn’t worked in other states. The crisis is too dire to try and resuscitate failed housing policies of […] Read More
  • NYHC testified today on the FY 2024 preliminary city housing budget, touching four areas of concern. You can read our full testimony here. We remain concerned about understaffing at HPD and housing-related agencies. HPD has 170 fewer positions than January 2020 before the pandemic. We are seeing some progress – 1% increase in headcount from […] Read More
  • The New York Housing Conference released a policy brief today studying the growing rental arrears crisis in New York State that began during the pandemic. The study looks at New York’s affordable housing stock, which includes all apartments operating under a regulatory agreement between the property owner and a government entity that restricts rent based […] Read More

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