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  • President-elect Joe Biden has started his transition planning after major news outlets called the election in his favor last weekend. His transition plan and his campaign have major items that would help housing in New York. On BuildBackBetter – the transition plan website – Biden calls for immediate priorities related to COVID recovery, which may […] Read More
  • Last week, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that he will restore the $457 million in housing capital cuts in FY 2021, a exciting partial victory in our push to restore the $1 billion in cuts passed last year. This victory would not have been possible without the support of all of our partners, who make these campaigns possible. […] Read More
  • New York Housing Conference released a policy brief this week showing that the city’s capital cuts save very little money in the current operating budget but have significant costs to the city. We also find that given the current economic conditions, now is the right time to invest in housing through the city capital budget. In our […] Read More

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