Earlier this year Governor Kathy Hochul announced her Housing Compact – a robust statewide strategy to increase housing supply and combat exclusionary zoning, with the goal of producing 800,000 new homes over the next decade. The land use proposals include statewide production goals, transit-oriented development and an appeals process.

A new report commissioned by the New York Housing Conference and prepared by Arup discusses the housing situation in New York including the severe housing supply shortage and a history of housing segregation, describes the main points of the Housing Compact, and shows how Transit Oriented Development might look in New York state according to Gov. Hochul’s proposal.

The report shows that other states have taken steps to address the housing shortage and the history of housing segregation. It also looks at current housing prices and how denser housing is more affordable, providing options for working New Yorkers. And finally it shows examples of how the TOD proposal could look in four different zones in New York.