Cortelyou Road and the Baptist Church of the Redeemer

Organization Name: ESKW/Architects

Project Title: Cortelyou Road and the Baptist Church of the Redeemer

Project Location: Flatbush, Brooklyn

Project Description:
Cortelyou Road is a new construction, mixed-use, 9-story residential building and church community facility. The housing provides 76 units of sustainable, state-of-the-art, supportive, and affordable housing. The 15,000 SF church serves an existing congregation with an inspiring sky-lit sanctuary and welcoming storefront presence. While clearly separate programmatic entities, both uses reinforce each other in symbiosis. The residential program provides affordable and supportive housing to formerly homeless, low-income individuals, families, and seniors. It includes community spaces on the lower levels, which at times can be used by the neighborhood, and roof terraces on the upper floors. Built in the 1920s, the original Baptist Church of the Redeemer was derelict and unusable. In an innovative development model, the church and the non-profit developer combined to provide housing along with a new home for the church. Curved ceilings in the new church diffuse daylight entering the space through skylights and clerestories, creating a luminous and intimate atmosphere for the active congregation. Complying with Enterprise Green Communities program standards, the project is highly sustainable.

Community Impact:
With a rich history of community outreach, the Baptist Church of the Redeemer understood the need to simultaneously preserve its legacy and stand up for the housing needs of the wider community. Before redevelopment, the church sanctuary and other community spaces had been in disrepair for many years and the congregation had moved to the adjacent parsonage for activities. After conducting a detailed feasibility study to repurpose the existing structure it became clear that it was not feasible to do so. As part of the church’s demolition, ESKW/Architects salvaged and restored elements of the church to highlight its legacy and establish continuity in the new building. With additional classrooms and a communal dining room with a kitchen, the church portion of the new building is now equipped to support the church’s original mission and more. Inspired by the whole team’s mutual vision for community empowerment, the Reverend dedicated church space for Turning Point Brooklyn’s “We Care About You” Shower Program for the homeless. In a time of increasing housing insecurity for many New Yorkers, the addition of 76 new, supportive, and affordable apartment units is a welcome addition to the Flatbush community.

Organization Description:
ESKW/Architects has over 60 years of experience in the design and construction industry, with a strong commitment to the non-profit and institutional sectors. Housing is the cornerstone of the practice, and fostering long-term relationships is a common thread throughout its history. ESKW/Architects' community-building is exemplified through several large-scale and award-winning projects such as Landing Road (2018), True Colors Residence (2012), Ocean Wonders: Sharks! (Brooklyn, 2012), 3500 Park Ave Apartments (2021), and Bedford Green House (2022).

Team Members:

Structural: Silman
MEP: Loring
Civil: Strandberg and Associates
Energy: AEA
Lighting: Jim Conti
Contractor: Mega Contracting Group
Geotechnical: Pillori Associates
Photo: David Sundberg / ESTO

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    Intersection of Cortelyou Road and Ocean Avenue

    Baptist Church of the Redeemer Main Entrance

    Baptist Church of the Redeemer Foyer

    Cortelyou Road Residential Lobby

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