440 W 41st New York, NY 10036

Organization Name: Standard Communities & Camber & Westhab

Project Title: 440 W 41st New York, NY 10036

Project Location: 440 W 41st New York, NY 10036 in Midtown West in Manhattan

Project Description:
Earlier this year, Standard Communities and Camber Property Group purchased 440 W 41st Street and is in the process of converting the existing multifamily building into a homeless shelter for families with children. The property, built in 1988, is a 13-story, 65,000 square foot elevator building located on W 41st street between 9th and 10th Ave. Prior to the acquisition, the NYC Department of Homeless Services registered a contract with the City Comptroller for Westhab to operate the homeless shelter. Standard Communities and Camber Property Group will complete a $9 million renovation in the first half of 2022. The property will feature 6,000 square feet of community facility space and 100 homeless shelter units. The 9 existing rent stabilized residential tenants will remain in place. Westhab will be the non-profit operator of the homeless shelter and will provide on-site services, including daycare, social services, adult education, and training.

Community Impact:
For homeless people, shelter from the elements can be a matter of life and death.

The number of homeless New Yorkers in municipal shelters is now 18 percent higher than it was ten years ago, with the number of homeless single adults 97 percent higher than it was ten years ago. To put that into perspective, nearly 1 out of every 106 people in NYC is homeless, and 13% of our nation’s homeless population lives in NYC, outstripping every other city in the U.S. Over the course of 2020, 122,926 different homeless adults and children slept in the NYC municipal shelter system. This includes more than 39,300 homeless children.

Research shows that the longer a person is homeless, the harder and more expensive it becomes to re-house this person. This transformative project builds hope through providing shelter and supportive services to those who are unhoused with dignity and respect. Once the renovation is completed, this project will provide housing for 100 families to help them transition into more stable permanent housing. Transitional housing facilities such as 440 W 41st create stable families, save NYC money, and are an important step to break the cycle of homelessness.

Organization Description:
Standard Communities is an affordable, workforce, and mixed-income housing innovator. As one of the largest owners of affordable housing in the country, Standard cultivates long-term public and private partnerships to produce and preserve affordable, environmentally sustainable housing. Camber Property Group is a leader in NYC affordable and mixed-income housing development. CPG combines the latest technology with strong design principles to build and rehabilitate buildings that will operate sustainably and cost-effectively to stand the test of time.

Team Members:

Westhab creates a comprehensive community development approach through developing affordable and supportive housing, operating homeless shelters, and providing youth programs and employment services.

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