Nehemiah Project

Organization Name: Arbor Hill Development Corporation

Project Title: Nehemiah Project

Project Location: Arbor Hill and West Hill Neighborhoods, Albany, NY

Project Description:
In May 2021, Arbor Hill Development Corporation closed on the purchase of 16 building parcels in the Arbor Hill and West Hill neighborhoods in Albany, New York, the state capital city. The cluster of properties will be revitalized by the Arbor Hill Development Corporation which is a non-profit that promotes community revitalization efforts and assists low-to-moderate income residents with first-time homebuyer assistance, affordable rentals, and grants to repair community homes. Arbor Hill Development Corporation purchased the properties from the Albany County Land Bank, which received title to each following in rem tax foreclosure proceedings. Many of the parcels are vacant. Several parcels have existing structures. Arbor Hill Development Corporation is currently designing, planning, and arranging financing for the Nehemiah Project. It is interested in forming a joint-venture with a developer that has both development experience, and ability to partner with a community-led redevelopment effort. This exciting affordable housing project has the potential to alter how affordable housing projects in the Capital Region come to fruition. We are thrilled to submit this project for consideration!

Community Impact:
The potential community impact of the Nehemiah Cluster in Albany's Arbor Hill and West Hill neighborhood is significant. Many existing affordable housing projects in the Capital Region have been led by developers that are not necessarily operating through an imbedded approach within the community. Arbor Hill Development Corporation is modeling its approach on the successes of other Capital Region affordable housing development projects led by local non-profit organizations.

Arbor Hill Development Corporation is a presence along the Clinton Avenue corridor of Albany's Arbor Hill neighborhood. Its involvement in the Nehemiah Project not only will bring temporary construction and permanent maintenance jobs, but it will develop 16 parcels the negatively impact the ability of the neighborhood to turn-around. This project has the ability to drastically improve the prospects of families who reside in these neighborhoods to live in better quality rental property, providing additional stability for their families for generations to come.

Organization Description:
Founded in 1981, the Arbor Hill Development Corporation is a neighborhood preservation corporation that assists low and moderate income residents of distressed communities within the city of Albany through the following services: - First time home-buyer assistance - Owner-occupied Housing Rehab Assistance - Emergency Repairs - Home Remodeling for persons with handicapping conditions. - Consulting Services - Neighborhood planning, research and community engagement - Affordable apartment rentals

Team Members:

Students working in the Community Economic Development Clinic within The Justice Center at Albany Law School represent Arbor Hill Development Corporation on the Nehemiah Project.

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