The Displacement Alert Project –

Organization Name: The Association for Neighborhood & Housing Development (ANHD)

Project Title: The Displacement Alert Project -

Project Location: Citywide

Project Description:
Ending tenant displacement is one of today’s most urgent issues. This is true for those facing the threat of eviction, for communities being destabilized, and for community groups and policy makers trying to address the crisis. Educating and mobilizing at-risk tenants to overcome these pressures can be effective, but too often, community groups get to a building too late; landlord-driven displacement has already happened. ANHD’s Displacement Alert Project helps stop tenant displacement by providing early warning information on rising displacement pressures in accessible, intuitive formats. The project includes three unique tools that leverage open data on loss of stabilized units, evictions, sales, complaints, violations, and construction permits. • The interactive Displacement Alert Map illuminates citywide patterns and enables building-level research on displacement. • Our monthly Displacement Alert District Reports offer updates on harassment and displacement risk in rent-stabilized buildings by neighborhood, helping tenant organizers prioritize outreach. • Our Displacement Alert Watch List helps members target buildings being marketed at speculative prices to preempt displacement.

Community Impact:
ANHD’s Displacement Alert Project:
• Supports in-depth research about tenant harassment and displacement in different neighborhoods and housing stocks throughout New York City, and helps cross-reference that information across data sources.
• Helps community groups, policy makers and New Yorkers uncover displacement trends to determine where gaps in our anti-displacement policy efforts remain.
• Provides community organizers with the information needed to prioritize outreach to tenants in at-risk buildings, and mobilize residents to fight back against landlord harassment and displacement, before the cycle of displacement has advanced too far.
• Brings together groups of organizers from across the city to target and disrupt the worst speculation offenders, and potentially, local markets as a whole.
• Ensures available public data is being used for public good.

Organization Description:
ANHD is an umbrella organization, established in 1974 by 8 local community groups, committed to the preservation and development of affordable housing in New York City. Today we represent 100+ local non-profit housing developers, and more recently, mission driven equitable economic development organizations, and work to win affordable housing and thriving, equitable neighborhoods for all New Yorkers. We use research, advocacy, and grassroots organizing to support our members in their work to build equity and justice in their neighborhoods and citywide.

    Views of Displacement Alert Project tools

    Displacement Alert Map

    Displacement Alert District Reports

    Displacement Alert Watch List

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