Yesterday, the Assembly passed two more uncontroversial housing bills that the New York Housing Conference identified as key bills to pass before members returned home. Though session ended over a week ago, the Assembly returned to address unfinished business. This included:

  • Housing Affordability, Resiliency, and Energy Efficiency Investment Act (HAREEIA) S2985C/A6655 (Kavanagh/Rosenthal) which would modernize the NYC Department of Housing Preservation and Development’s (HPD) loan authority allowing the City to facilitate more affordable housing, support Community Land Trusts, strengthen climate resiliency and assist more homeowners.
  • S6577/A6656 (Kavanagh/Weinstein) – a bill to protect victims of deed theft from eviction and expand opportunities for them to receive justice.

Both the Senate and Assembly passed a new J-51 Preservation Tax Incentive: S4709A/A7758 (Kavanagh/Braunstein) before session ended. This would update the expired J-51 program by updating allowable costs, streamlining the program to make benefits more predictable, target low-cost and affordable housing and include additional tenant protections to ensure compliance.

We are thrilled to see the Legislature act on these essential bills, especially HAREEIA, which was originally not on the calendar to be voted on this week. Over the weekend NYHC and NYSAFAH led a sign-on letter with 30 housing organizations calling on the Assembly to pass HAREEIA this week. We urge the Governor to sign these bills which are uncontroversial, yet essential for NYC to continue moving forward on its affordable housing agenda and to protect homeowners from predatory practices.

The Assembly also passed two (not uncontroversial) rent regulation bills, which now wait for the Governor’s signature:

  • S2980C/A6216B (Kavanagh/Rosenthal) would address the “Frankenstein” loophole by limiting rent increases when two or more rent stabilized apartments are combined or the dimensions are significantly increased. It also makes technical corrections and provides clarity to certain provisions of the Housing Stability and Tenant Protection Act (HSTPA) of 2019
  • S2943B/A407B (Kavanagh/Dinowitz) clarifies how rents should be recalculated retroactively when tenants are found to be overcharged under Part F of HSTPA