The New York Housing Conference and the New York State Association for Affordable Housing led a sign-on letter to State Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie calling on the Assembly to pass A.6655, The Housing Affordability, Resiliency, and Energy Efficiency Investment Act of 2023 (HAREEIA – formerly known as Affordability Plus). This legislation would update New York City’s affordable housing lending authority, allowing HPD to make longer loans up to 40 years, larger loans to meet rising costs, loans for nonresidential purposes in residential projects, and loans to community land trusts.

The senate has already passed the companion version of HAREEIA (S.2985C) and we call on the Assembly to pass A.6655 and send the bill to the governor. NYHC and NYSAFAH were joined by 28 other organizations supporting HAREEIA.

You can see the letter here.