LoHud, part of the USA Today Network, published an Op-Ed by Rachel Fee highlighting the need for housing funding in the Build Back Better reconciliation plan.

Despite the uncertainty and political infighting in Washington right now, we can be certain of one simple fact: New Yorkers are counting on their representatives to make the Empire State a more affordable place to call home. After decades of inaction from Washington, New Yorkers deserve a real solution to a worsening crisis.

For a few weeks, it looked like they might get one. The Build Back Better plan originally included $330 billion in housing funding — a truly historic investment that would transform American society and actually meet the scale of the crisis we face. Unfortunately, that funding is now at serious risk of being cut. New York’s federal delegation, which includes some of America’s most influential and powerful politicians, cannot let this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity go to waste. If they do, they may never get another chance to solve this crisis.

Read the Op-Ed here.