Over the weekend, Rachel Fee and Rep. Ritchie Torres published an op-ed in the New York Daily News, “A home for every American: Congress Must Act Boldly on Housing Now,” calling on Congress to take this opportunity to make a historic investment in housing. They argue that it is possible to end homelessness, housing poverty, and evictions, but it will take bold action. They call for Congress to create a housing safety net through universal vouchers, fully fund public housing, expand the National Housing Trust Fund (HTF) and expand and reform the Low Income Housing Tax Credit.

Rachel and Rep. Torres call on Congress to pass the Ending Homelessness Act, which would turn Housing Choice Vouchers into a federal entitlement. The bill would have a 5-year deep poverty phase-in and become a full entitlement for all low-income Americans by 2030. NYHC found that during the deep poverty phase in, 403,000 NY households would be eligible, 57% of which include a person with a disability and 34% include a senior (65+). Full entitlement for all eligible low-income households could benefit up to 1.3 million NY households, 60% of which are Black or Latinx and 53% of which are headed by women.