Rachel Fee, Executive Director of New York Housing Conference (NYHC) and the Rising Leaders Network (RLN) welcomed Diane Yentel, Executive Director of National Low Income Housing Coalition (NLIHC) to discuss federal housing policy. They talked through the American Rescue Plan which is moving quickly through Congress and if passed in its current form will provide $20.25 billion in emergency rental assistance including a $1.2 billion set aside for high need grantees and $5 billion for emergency housing vouchers. It would also provide $5 billion in homelessness assistance, $10 billion in homeowner assistance, and $120 million for counseling and fair housing work. Diane expressed her optimism in the new administration, citing President Biden’s ambitious campaign promises to approach housing as a human right as well as a progressive Congress that prioritizes affordable housing and issues of racial justice and climate change. She discussed the impact of grassroots housing movements in putting pressure on lawmakers to be bolder and previewed NLIHC’s plan to mobilize nationally around housing as a right. RLN members left with a wealth of information on the policy landscape and advice on how to engage in housing issues on the federal level.

Catch a recap of the timely discussion, here.