In an op-ed published by City Limits, New York Housing Conference Executive Director Rachel Fee opposed Mayor de Blasio’s proposed 40 percent cuts to the HPD capital budget.

Affordable housing has never been more important and this budget reduction will affect not only the housing market but also the fight against COVID-19 which has tested the limits of our city in all aspects.

“Now is the time to double down on affordable housing, and build on the progress already made under the mayor’s ambitious housing plan. It is not the time to retreat by cutting the housing budget by 40 percent as proposed by Mayor de Blasio. During this health crisis, the importance of housing is evident in the safety of isolation it provides, slowing the spread of the virus. Mayor de Blasio’s housing plan is the cornerstone of his fight against inequality because affordable housing is also central to creating opportunity for families. Housing is the launching pad for success and is needed now more than ever.”


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