Today, the Mayor and City Council agreed on a $92.8 billion FY 2020 budget. The budget includes:

• An additional $194 million for 800 new affordable apartments for seniors, on top of those already committed in the Housing Plan. This will raise the total City commitment for newly constructed senior housing to $687 million from now to the end of the Housing Plan.
• An increase of mayoral funding for 2020 Census to $26 million and $14 million from the City Council for outreach staff and public awareness campaigns to ensure a fair and accurate count.
• $60 million to fulfill the city’s commitment to energy efficiency with green technology by retrofitting City buildings as part of NYC’s Green New Deal.
• $14 million for the “Bridging the Gap” program that provides social services and academic support for students in shelters.

When the official budget bills are released, we will review and provide any other housing updates.