• Rachel Fee NY Daily News Op-Ed: Trump Abandons Public Housing

    Rachel Fee wrote an Op-ed published in the Daily News on February 16th. Please find the text below: “President Trump’s budget is likely dead on arrival in Congress, but the message he sent to people living in public housing is not a tweet to delete or a truth easily denigrated as “fake news.” It is […] Read More

    *BLOG POST UPDATED 2/16/18 TO REFLECT CENTER ON BUDGET AND POLICY PRIORITIES’ CHANGE IN RENT INCREASE IMPACT ESTIMATIONS President Trump’s FY 2019 Budget cuts HUD funding by $8.8 billion or 18.3% compared to enacted FY 2017 funding [1]. This proposal represents a major shift in the federal government’s role in subsidized housing. Public Housing Capital, […] Read More

    *BLOG POST UPDATED 2/16/18 TO REFLECT CENTER ON BUDGET AND POLICY PRIORITIES’ CHANGE IN RENT INCREASE IMPACT ESTIMATIONS President Trump’s budget proposal for FY 2019 goes several steps further than last year’s budget in dismantling HUD programs and funding. With total cuts of $8.8 billion, HUD programs and low-income families using these programs would be […] Read More
  • Federal Budget Caps Raised

    Early this morning, the Senate and then the House hurriedly voted to pass a final short-term FY 2018 budget bill as the last short-term agreement expired at midnight. The approved legislation included a bi-partisan agreement to raise the debt ceiling and to lift top-line spending cap levels on defense and domestic priorities by a total […] Read More
  • Federal Budget Status Update

    Congress needs to reach a FY 2018 budget deal by February 8th to avoid another government shutdown. Currently, House and Senate Democrats are still divided over whether they can agree to a budget deal without a DACA solution, while some Republicans are anxious about raising government spending caps for defense and non-defense spending by more […] Read More
  • NYHC to Testify at State Housing Budget Hearing

    On January 24th, NYHC will testify before the NY Joint Legislative Hearing on Housing. Please find the transcript of Rachel Fee’s testimony below. “My name is Rachel Fee. I am Executive Director of the New York Housing Conference (NYHC). I would like to thank the Committee Chairs Cymbrowitz & Little, and other Committee Members, for […] Read More
  • Senate Votes To End Federal Shutdown

    This afternoon, the Senate voted for a short-term funding bill through February 8th, avoiding costly delays and disruptions. The House is expected to pass similar legislation soon. If the shutdown continued for a short period, most HUD Programs that pass through city or state housing agencies are “floated” by local government and later reimbursed so […] Read More
  • NY State Executive Budget Analysis

    Last week, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced his Fiscal Year 2019 Executive Budget of $168 billion for New York State, a 2.3% increase over last year. With great emphasis on the impact of both federal tax policy and budget cuts on New Yorkers, Governor Cuomo proposed a budget that closes a projected gap of $4.4 billion […] Read More
  • 2018 Policy Priorities Announced

    Each year, in consultation with our Advisory Board, New York Housing Conference establishes annual policy priorities for affordable housing regulatory and budgetary issues at the City, State and Federal levels, which guide our advocacy and education programming throughout the year. Our full agenda for 2018 budgetary, statutory and policy recommendations can be downloaded here. Be an advocate in 2018, bring it with […] Read More
  • Tax Bill Conference Report Preserves PABs!

    On Friday, Congress came to agreement on tax reform in a conference report on the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, reconciling the differences between the House and Senate bills. Private Activity Bonds and the 4% Low Income Housing Credit are retained in the final tax bill. These critical programs, which provide the financing for nearly half of affordable housing in the U.S, were […] Read More