The Westchester

Organization Name: GF55 Partners

Project Location: 980 Westchester Avenue, Bronx NY

Project Description:
The Westchester project is intended to meld form, aesthetic, and function for both the building and the neighborhood which it resides. A Supportive Housing Efficiency project, the 7 story mixed-use building has a structural system composed of steel and precast concrete plank. The main façade materials are a two brick blend in light gray tones. The street façade design is intended to camouflage the vertical structure of the exterior wall. This is achieved by using brick patterns that shift positions every other floor creating a playful and vibrant final exterior. The storefront design is intended to integrate with the existing landscape of the neighborhood by referencing the industrial look of the elevated train track that runs along Westchester Avenue. Critically, 121 units from the 2nd through 6th floors are intended for affordable residential apartment buildings. Additionally 30 units are intended for non-profit community facilities. The ground floor accommodates commercial retail, community facility offices, a residential/supportive housing entrance lobby, bike parking and storage facilities. The cellar is mechanical building support with additional storage.

Community Impact:
The Doe Fund (NFP) will own the Westchester building and will operate the residential and community facility portions of the building in order to provide affordable and supportive housing to the local community. 121 units from the 2nd through 6th floors are designated for affordable residential apartments while 30 units will be designated for community facilities. Employees staffed by the Doe Fund will support the services of the community facilities. The indoor and outdoor recreation space on the 2nd floor is communal between all tenants and is accessed from the lobby by an Active Design Stair. The ground floor provides an entrance lobby, bicycle parking, and community facility offices while maximizing retail opportunities for local businesses with a variety of different sized spaces. This mixed programming design is intended to support local residents, activate the street, and improve the quality of the urban environment.

Organization Description:
GF55 Partners is dedicated to the practice of architecture in a way that brings buildings from sculptural thought to spaces of functionality and beauty; crafting solutions for the needs of the people who sleep, live, and work within the forms designed. The firm is spearheaded by partners David E. Gross, Leonard Fusco, and Shay Alster. Respected in the industry for their expertise, skill, and diverse experience, the partners’ leadership have resulted in a wide range of projects in the immediate New York area and around the country.

Team Members:

Owner: The Doe Fund (NFP)
Architect: GF55 Partners
Developer: Atlantic Building Ventures
Structural Engineers: McNamara Salvia Inc.
MEP Engineers: Ettinger Engineering Associates

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    The Westchester @ Corner of Fox & Westchester

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