The Rise – Site J

Organization Name: Xenolith Partners

Project Title: The Rise - Site J

Project Location: 1366 East New York Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11212 (Brownsville)

Project Description:
As one of the winning proposals for New York State’s Vital Brooklyn RFP, The Rise will be a truly sustainable, healthy, and resilient development in Brownsville, Brooklyn. The mixed-use development will offer 74 units of supportive and affordable housing for justice-involved families and low-income households, and over 13,000 square feet of community facility space. The Rise employs Active Design principles and adheres to trauma-informed design guidelines in an effort to improve the social, physical, and mental wellbeing of its residents. Specific design interventions include an abundance of natural light, reduction of harsh stimuli from lighting and wall color, multiple points of access to outdoor space, and a variety of common areas that allow residents to meet in smaller groups and semi-private settings. This last feature has been made all the more important following emerging and well-founded sensitivities to densely populated social settings, personal space and risks of infection following the coronavirus pandemic.

Community Impact:
The Rise is a comprehensive community development effort which seeks to mitigate chronic social, economic, and health disparities. The building will meet Energy Star MFNC Program and Enterprise Green Communities 2020 standards and low embodied carbon levels, helping NYC achieve it’s 2024, 2030 and 2050 targets, while also improving occupant well-being. Biophilic strategies, such as multiple green spaces, green walls, rooftop gardens, and a greenhouse will offer opportunities for both formal and informal therapeutic activity. The building will also have extensive and dynamic community programming focused on health, wellness, and resiliency, including a rooftop farm which will provide better access to nutritious food as well as job training. Ultimately, The Rise will promote a culture of sustainable living for both occupants and the broader Brownsville neighborhood.

The Women's Prison Association and The Osborne Association, will provide wrap-around, supportive services for residents and eligible community members, including case management, job-readiness training/job placement, legal assistance, support groups for re-entry transition and the development of social and wellness skills.

Organization Description:
Xenolith Partners LLC: woman-owned affordable housing developer specializing in affordable, mixed-income, and mixed-use projects. Since launching in 2016, the firm has focused on developing unique partnerships that amplify the impactful work of its non-profit partners. Community Solutions International, Inc.: nonprofit organization that helps communities adopt the best problem-solving tools from multiple sectors to end homelessness and the conditions that create it.

Team Members:

Magnusson Arch. & Planning; CPC; Brownsville P'ship; Women’s Prison Assoc.; The Osborne Assoc.; Community Capacity Dev.;Brownsville Think Tank;Project EATS;King Rod Training;Spin City Brownsville Plus

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    The Rise - Site J - Aerial View

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