Retrofitting Affordable Housing

Organization Name: BlocPower

Project Title: Retrofitting Affordable Housing

Project Location: 838 Park Place, Brooklyn NY 11216

Project Description:
8 unit affordable housing co-op installed electric heat pumps and solar power array. Electric heat pumps were installed, moving the buildings heating system from oil to electric heating. The solar panels will not only cover the common area charges but also offset some of the usage in the individual units via community shared solar. Electric heat pumps are a type of ductless AC system that provides both heating and cooling. This will allow for each unit to be able to control and set their units to their desired temperature.

Community Impact:
This building is the first affordable Housing Development Fund Corporation (HDFC) cooperative in New York City to successfully install solar. The residents will receive tax reduction on their individual tax returns, based on the building being located in a New York Historic District.

Organization Description:
BlocPower uses data, thermodynamic models, structured finance, & edge computing to make city buildings, greener, smarter & healthier. Property owners in many areas often spend as much as 30% of total income on energy costs, and in some cases don't have the capital or credit to access energy saving technologies. BlocPower connects online investors to solar and energy efficiency micro-finance opportunities. Through these project, BlocPower trains and hires local unemployed workers to install all associated retrofits.

Team Members:

Project Developer: BlocPower
Installer: Brooklyn Solar Works
Consultant: Solar One

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