Individual Placement and Support (IPS)

Organization Name: Lantern Community Services

Project Title: Individual Placement and Support (IPS)

Project Location: New York City (Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan)

Project Description:
Lantern Community Services’ extensive onsite employment and educational services foster independence, community connection, and economic self-sufficiency for the formerly homeless individuals and young people we serve. Our employment services match our clients’ needs, interests and work histories. Lantern uses an evidence-based approach called Individual Placement and Support (IPS) to help clients with mental illnesses, physical disabilities, and other challenges enter or rejoin the workforce. This approach prioritizes building relationships with local employers through continuous outreach. Once these relationships are established, our IPS Specialists work to connect these employers with qualified candidates in our buildings. After a client is employed, the IPS Specialists continue to support that individual in adapting to and excelling in the workplace. The Rockville Institute provides Lantern IPS staff with training and implementation support. Our Employment and Education Specialists work with clients to promote employment as a path to an independent and stable future.

Community Impact:
46 residents obtained employment through IPS in FY2018.
The average starting wage was $13.29 per hour.
1,455 employers were contacted by IPS employment staff.
Average duration of employments is 5 months per role.

Organization Description:
Lantern Community Services provides innovative services to help New Yorkers who are formerly homeless or have recently aged out of foster care recreate their lives. Our programs with proven results in health, employment, education and life skills are delivered inside our residences and tailored to each person’s needs. We provide over 2,000 clients—many of whom live with mental illness, addiction, disability, HIV or other chronic illnesses—with the tools they need to integrate successfully into the greater community with dignity and independence.

Team Members:

NYCT, NYC DOHMH, & NYC HRA for their generous support of IPS.

    An IPS participant on the job

    An employer (left) meeting with IPS staff

    Goldman Sachs forum held for IPS clients

    IPS Supervisor (left) providing program support

    An IPS client outside of his place of employment

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