Grant Avenue Modular Development

Organization Name: Think! Architecture

Project Title: Grant Avenue Modular Development

Project Location: East New York, Brooklyn

Project Description:
For 581 Grant Avenue, THINK! Architecture and Design designed a 174-unit modular housing block in the East New York neighborhood of Brooklyn. The firm built on its experience in modular construction, partnering with the Brooklyn-based company, FullStack Modular, to utilize the innovative and cost-effective construction technology to create affordable housing designed at a human scale. The development features programming that responds to the desires of the City Line community — a large community area, medical clinic and supportive services for homeless New Yorkers. THINK! incorporated overarching goals of facilitating neighborhood interaction and social activity into design elements, such as the creation of open spaces for the public and an undulating glass façade on the ground floor. Additionally, the project prioritizes sustainability by implementing energy-efficient systems, renewable and resilient building materials as well as landscaping in order to meet Enterprise Green Community standards. Construction is expected to start in 2021.

Community Impact:
This project is situated within the largely Bangladeshi “City Line” community in eastern Brooklyn. The per capital income in this area is less than the half of the city average with 31% of the residents living below the poverty line. As such, the community in the project area is in need of affordable housing for individuals and families as well as community facilities and services. In response to these needs, the project will provide 174 units of affordable housing ranging from studio apartments to four bedroom units responding to the needs of the community. Additionally, the building will include 5,000 square foot health clinic, a supportive housing services office as well as a workforce training center and after-school activity center run by a significant community based social service organization. The residential areas of the building will be further enhanced by amenity areas providing space for social activities, exercise and co-working facilities as well as publicly accessible landscaped open space. Access to the subway station located directly next to the project site will be improved by a new mid-block passage incorporated into the building design for increased connectivity.

Organization Description:
THINK! Architecture and Design is a Brooklyn, NY based architectural practice with work in the residential, commercial, institutional and cultural fields, committed to innovative and purpose-driven design solutions in the pursuit of a more thoughtful built environment.

Team Members:

Think! Architecture and Design, Thorobird Companies, Bangladeshi American Community Development and Youth Services (BACDYS), FullStack Modular

    Street View of Grant Avenue Modular Project

    Incorporation of green space in the community through a green roof system

    Grant Avenue renderings from street view

    Grant Avenue renderings from street view

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