Deep Energy Retrofit for Affordable Housing

Organization Name: Fusion Architecture, PLLC

Project Title: Deep Energy Retrofit for Affordable Housing

Project Location: Patchogue, New York

Project Goals:
The project achieves goals for the Agency, Builder and ultimately, the Residents.

The Residents benefit by living in a home that is affordable, comfortable and healthy; due specifically to the design meeting the DOE Zero Energy Ready Homes Program which requires the home to comply with Energy Star 3.0, including the EPA's Indoor AirPLUS and WaterSense requirements. This is particularly important due to the residents low income status, their reliance on public assistance and having health related issues that benefit from the clean environment created by the design.

The Agency benefits by operating a house that has low maintenance costs by utilizing materials that are durable and selected for high usage.

The Builder benefits by having the house constructed utilizing United Way of Long Island's YouthBuild, VetsBuild, Green Jobs Corps, Weatherization Boot Camp and Green Construction Curriculum. These training programs prepare individuals for skilled jobs in the construction.

Project Description:
Full gut renovation: 1970 single story ranch Exterior walls: Dense pack cellulose insulation; house wrap; 1.5" of Polyiso rigid foam exterior insulation; 1x3 furring strip drainage plane; fiber cement siding Roof: Two layers of 2" polyiso rigid foam insulation atop existing framing Attic: Unvented; 6" of open cell spray foam at underside of sheathing; R-48 Foundation: 2.5" of polyiso rigid foam on interior; elastomeric waterproofing with protection board Windows: Vinyl Double Hung; R-5 Air Sealing: 1.92 ACH 50 Ventilation: ERV HVAC: 95% AFUE wall hung boiler for hydro coil; 16 SEER AC Hot Water: Solar thermal evacuated tube system; 120g w/backup Lighting: 100% CFL Appliances: Energy Star Photovoltaic System: 7.8 kW Water Conservation: EPA WaterSense certified fixtures Awarded Grand Prize - Affordable Housing Category - 2015 US DOE Innovation Award; Energy Star Version 3.0; EPA Indoor airPLUS; EPA WaterSense Other: no formaldehyde wood; aging in place fixtures; zero VOC

Community Impact:
The existing residence was a neighborhood blight.

The house was intentionally designed to blend into the surrounding neighborhood architecturally with added features for integration and acceptance by the community. Integration was important in preserving the privacy/anonymity of the residents due to the nature of the program.

The community benefits by residents spending disposable income in the local economy rather than on utilities. Residing in green structures provides a healthier environment by reducing illnesses which reduce the burden of tax payer assisted health costs.

Using products like cement board siding creates a residential clapboard look while providing resiliency, durability and sustainability. Implementing building science design principles, photovoltaic panels, solar h/w panels, WaterSense plumbing fixtures and Energy Star labeled fixtures all contribute to drastically reducing carbon emissions and grid load; representing a positive investment and asset for the community.

Organization Description:
Fusion Architecture, PLLC is a full service architectural firm located in Plainview, NY and is licensed in NY, NJ, NH, CT and PA. Fusion specializes in providing comprehensive architectural planning and development services to Community Service Agencies which operate facilities for the disabled, elderly, mentally ill, spectrum and substance addicted. Fusion's objective is to arrive at quality designs that have functional and aesthetic relevance while incorporating environmentally sustainable and green building design principles. Our staff includes LEED AP Certified Professionals; BPI Certified Professionals; RESNET Certified HERS Raters; Certified Green Globes Professionals; NGBS Green Verifiers; SPFA Independent Building Envelope Inspectors; Certified Thermal/Infrared Thermographers; NYC Special Inspectors; NYS Licensed Building Inspectors; CSI Construction Document Technologists (CDT). Fusion Architecture is a certified MBE Firm.

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    Before & after views, front of house

    Rear view of house & 30-tube evacuated tube panel

    Mechanical Room & ERV system

    Dense-pack cellulose wall, spray foam attic

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