Asset Management University

Organization Name: Enterprise Community Partners

Project Title: Asset Management University

Project Location: Citywide

Project Goals:
The goal of Enterprise’s new initiative, Asset Management University, is to provide affordable housing operators with the knowledge and resources to more effectively manage their housing portfolios. Preservation and good management of existing affordable housing is crucial to creating vibrant neighborhoods that connect low- and moderate-income residents to opportunity.

Project Description:
Asset Management University (AMU) is a comprehensive two-year training program to strengthen the capacity of housing owners by improving the long-term performance of their housing portfolios. AMU is comprised of a series of training modules targeting representatives from three levels of an organization: the board (applicable to non-profit organizations only), the executive director or chief executive officer, and the staff member responsible for asset management. Each participant will attend trainings over the course of a year and each organization whose staff members successfully complete the training modules will receive up to 50 hours of follow-up consulting support to implement desired changes. Organizations that successfully complete the program will receive a certificate of completion.

Community Impact:
AMU strives to instill within housing organizations the importance of effective asset management. It provides training to each organization’s senior leadership and boards to ensure that asset management becomes imbedded in the organization’s culture. Stronger asset management is likely to improve overall project cash flow, freeing up resources for organizations to provide the vital services needed by their communities and to take on additional affordable housing projects. In developing the capacity of affordable housing organizations, AMU will improve their ability to foster vibrant neighborhoods connected to services and amenities and to better meet the needs of their communities and residents.

Organization Description:
Enterprise Community Partners is a national nonprofit dedicated to ending housing insecurity. We invest capital to create and preserve quality affordable homes for low- and moderate-income people. As a social enterprise we reinvest revenues to develop programmatic solutions in coordination with public and private partners and scale these solutions through policy change.

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