22 Tarrytown Road

Organization Name: Magnusson Architecture and Planning, PC

Project Title: 22 Tarrytown Road

Project Location: Greenburgh, NY

Project Goals:
Magnusson Architecture and Planning, PC was asked to design a new green affordable workforce housing development on a site previously occupied by three distressed and abandoned structures. The agreed upon goals were maximize the number of residential units in a very difficult site; develop a green (LEED-Silver targeted) building; build a new innovative affordable housing building with a tight budget; and create a beautiful building that would introduce affordable workforce housing to an area that has none and that is respectful of the existing built neighborhood.

Project Description:
22 Tarrytown is a three-story, 28-unit workforce family development and includes a cellar, community room, laundry facility, green roof and parking. The design maximizes the amount of daylight with generous fenestrations and glazing. The east and west exposures are controlled by sun shade elements, such as balconies, exterior shutters and awnings. The building is generously landscaped with native trees and plants creating natural buffers along all the property lines and providing shade control to the building and parking areas. It includes a 6,000 square foot green roof which reduces the amount of peak storm water runoff into the sewer system and improve the quality of water that flows into rivers and streams. A portion of the rain water is collected and stored on site for landscape irrigation. The building is LEED for Homes Silver certified and was enrolled on the NYSERDA MPP program.

Community Impact:
22 Tarrytown Road was not only designed and built to stay in scale with the neighboring buildings, but to provide much needed affordable housing in the neighborhood.

Despite community opposition initially, demand for its units far exceeded supply: 450 applications were filed for 28 available units, which range from studios to two-bedrooms for low-income individuals and families.

The building now shines within the surrounding neighborhood and is embraced by local community and its workforce housing tenants. It is also a transit-oriented development located within walking distance to shopping and public transportation, including buses and Metro North trains.

Organization Description:
For nearly three decades, Magnusson Architecture and Planning (MAP) has pioneered outstanding building design and urban revitalization projects as the foundation for vibrant and sustainable communities. Our top priority is to assist non-profit groups, municipalities, and developers to reshape neighborhoods to improve their residents’ quality of life. Decades after our firm was founded in 1986, we continue to push the envelope for urban housing and mixed-use design and invent new ways of planning urban neighborhoods. MAP invests in creating positive outcomes. We walk the streets that residents walk, talking with them and listening to their ideas. By interacting directly with the users of our buildings and neighborhoods, we learn about the context and culture of their communities. More than just building spaces for people to live in, we design community. In all of our projects, we provide new opportunities in the buildings we design, the streets we plan, and the neighborhoods we create.

    Detail of accessible ramp at rear entry (Photo by Ari Burling)

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