1921 Atlantic Avenue

Organization Name: GF55 Architects/Dabar Development and Thorobird Companies

Project Title: 1921 Atlantic Avenue

Project Location: 1921 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

Project Description:
The project is a joint venture between GF55 Architects/Dabar Development Partners and Thorobird Companies. They will complete the development of a 14-story mixed-use 236-unit affordable multifamily building located at 1921 Atlantic Avenue in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York. On the ground floor is the residential lobby, 4 community facility spaces and grocery store. The total Project composes 264,412 gross square feet, comprising 52 studios, 79 one bedrooms, 60 two bedrooms and 45 three bedroom units. In addition to 15% of the units being dedicated to the formerly homeless, the remaining units are offered at a broad range of affordability up to 80% AMI. The residential apartment building will also house 43 parking spaces and 122 bicycle spaces in an underground garage. The 2nd floor and rooftop of the building feature recreation spaces, such as gym, lounge, children's room and media room. The design emphasizes safety, convenience, recreational activities and social opportunities.

Community Impact:
The project focuses on high quality offerings with improved amenities for the neighborhood. The four community facility spaces aim to encourage entrepreneurship, sustainability homeownership and health maintenance. The uses for those spaces are as follows: (1) aquaponics workshop (tenanted by OKO Farms), (2) healthcare center, (3) housing assistance & skills training (tenanted by Brooklyn Neighborhood Services), and (4) arts education. Each has its own private entrance from the streets. In addition, while the Project will bring critical affordable housing to Brooklyn, it will also supply the immediate area, currently considered a food desert, with a quality grocery store. The first floor grocer market features a 15,000 state-of-the-art grocery store, with modern features, such as prepared foods, fresh brewed coffee and seating for in-store dining. The grocery store will also include parking for patrons.

Organization Description:
Dabar Development Partners, founded in 2003 by Dawanna Williams, is a real estate development and investment firm focused on the preservation, renovation and new construction. Dabar aims to create change-making communities with smarter spaces by employing social responsibility and sustainability principles. Thorobird Companies, founded by Thomas Campbell, is a New York-based MWBE urban real estate and investment development firm that works to provide specialized real estate development solutions for distressed communities. GF55 Architects is hands-on and results-oriented without prejudice to project type or scale. GF55 is a nationally known expert of Mixed-Use Mixed Income Projects. Of special importance to GF55 is its ongoing commitment to workforce and supportive housing where revitalization directly impacts people and neighborhoods. Experts in Passive Housing and LEED Methods, GF55 is keen to incorporate efficient, affordable, and ecologically sound designs.

Team Members:

Construction - Monadnock Construction
Lending - Bank of America
City Agencies - NYC HPD and HDC
Architect - GF55 Partners

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