New York Housing Conference released our 2024 Policy Priorities for city, state and federal housing policy.

NYHC’s mission is to advance City, State and Federal policies and funding to support the development and preservation of decent and affordable housing for ALL New Yorkers. Working towards achieving this mission, in 2024 we are prioritizing:

  • Increasing New York’s housing supply 
    • Reduce Private Activity Bond 50% test for federal Low-Income Tax Credits
    • Enact “City of Yes” for Housing Opportunity zoning text amendment in NYC
    • Increase housing supply through State zoning and tax policy reforms 
    • Protect and expand affordable housing funding
  • Helping New Yorkers afford rent & stay stably housed
    • Establish a new State Housing Assistance Voucher Program 
    • Ensure one-shot emergency assistance helps tenants with arrears in affordable housing
    • Make insurance affordable in order to prevent operating deficits putting buildings at financial risk

See our 2024 Policy Priorities here.