The Rising Leader’s Network hosted its final Summer Series of the year, which focused on the pipeline from shelter to permanent affordable and supportive housing. The panel was moderated by RLN board member Alison Glaser, Senior Project Manager at NYC HDC and included Aileen Reynolds, Assistant Commissioner of Housing Opportunity at NYC HPD, Kelly Quirk, Chief Program Officer at BRC and Heather Gershen, VP of Affordable Housing at Services for the Underserved.

Panelists began with an overview on what the process looks like for an individual or family experiencing homelessness to move from shelter to an affordable or supportive apartment including. They shared some of the barriers faced by both New Yorkers seeking to move out of shelter and the housing providers working to assist them and discussed opportunities to make the process more efficient. Notably this panel discussion did not cover private, unregulated units or housing for the asylum seeker population.