New York Conference testified to the New York City Council Subcommittee on Zoning and Franchises in support of the SoHo / NoHo neighborhood plan. which, among other changes, would bring desperately-needed affordable housing to the neighborhood. The city is facing an affordable housing crisis and every neighborhood needs to participate in the solution.

The SoHo/NoHo neighborhood currently does not have any income-restricted affordable housing and the rezoning would bring a projected 3,200 units of new desperately-needed affordable housing to the neighborhood through the mandatory inclusionary housing program.

Asking every neighborhood to be a partner in creating affordable housing and upzoning in high-income neighborhoods has wide appeal – both were recommendations of the United for Housing coalition – a coalition led by NYHC and joined by 90 partner organizations in New York City.

Bringing affordable housing to SoHo/NoHo would also bring diversity to a neighborhood that is predominately white and wealthy, working to reverse and repair our history of racial discrimination.

Finally, the new affordable housing will also create economic benefits to the community; research has found that 100 units of affordable housing construction creates 230 jobs and $46 million in economic activity.

As the city’s economy struggles to recover, opportunities like the SoHo/NoHo rezoning can create needed affordable housing, unlock new tax revenue, refill the construction pipeline, and help local businesses.

You can read our full testimony here.