The New York Housing Conference joined Rep. Ritchie Torres’s press conference calling on President Joe Biden and Congressional leaders to include robust housing funding in the final Build Back Better budget package.

“If Congress fails to act on housing now, it may be years or even decades before they get a similar chance to bring housing security to millions of households; to repair public housing and to expand affordable housing supply,” said NYHC Executive Director Rachel Fee. “Congress has a chance to make a real difference for low income renters. Investment will not only grow the economy but it will lay the foundation for other social investments to support families like child care and health care to work more effectively. If Congress fails to act, America‚Äôs housing crisis will become too big to solve. It is now or never.”

We were joined by local housing advocates NYSAFAH, ANHD, Supportive Housing Network of New York, Fortune Society, Breaking Ground, Urban Pathways, Interfaith Assembly on Homelessness and Housing and Shams DaBaron.