City Limits published an Op-Ed by New York Conference’s Rachel Fee highlighting the benefits of universal access to Section 8 rental assistance. This was a campaign pledge by President Joe Biden and in our report with HR&A Advisors, we found that 1.1 million households in New York alone would benefit from rental assistance if it were fully funded.

President Joe Biden’s campaign pledge to fully fund federal rental assistance programs so that every eligible American can receive aid was more than just a component of his housing plan. It was also a promise to transform the country by finally ensuring that the basic right to housing is included in our social safety net. After the pandemic crystalized the importance of housing, the time is right for bold thinking.

Congress agrees. That’s why the reconciliation package currently includes a $90 billion expansion of the Section 8 program, which represents the largest expansion in the program’s history. An expansion of that kind should be viewed as a down payment on universalizing the program, and it is one that Americans in every community should applaud.

Read the Op-Ed here.