The New York Housing Conference and HR&A Advisors hosted a briefing on September 24, 2021, on a new report that examines the economic and fiscal impact of universal rental assistance on New York. Congress has proposed a significant expansion of Section 8 Rental Vouchers in the Build Back Better reconciliation bill, making this report especially timely. 

The report, commissioned by NYHC and conducted by HR&A, finds that expanding federal rental assistance to all eligible households would generate $14.7 billion in economic activity, including increasing household spending capacity in New York State by $8.5 billion, while adding 96,000 jobs and lifting 300,000 New Yorkers permanently out of poverty. It would also result in a 33 percent increase in affordable housing production in New York City alone.

You can view a recording of the presentation here. Download the full report here. Read coverage from Politico here