Rachel Fee testified to the New York State Assembly Standing Committee on Housing on NYCHA’s Blueprint for Change. She said this is the first feasible plan to bring needed capital repairs to all NYCHA units, and while there are still many important aspects to work out in terms of federal appropriations and HUD rules, she encouraged the legislature to support NYHCA preservation through a public trust.

“This summer, the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) released the Blueprint for Change, which would stabilize 110,000 units of public housing through the creation of a Public Housing Preservation Trust, which would allow NYCHA to access additional federal funding to address $18 billion to $25 billion in capital needs. This plan not only could bring in needed federal resources but also maintains public oversight and ownership of NYCHA, while making large scale improvements, the size of which are not feasible under the current capital program or procurement rules. The New York Housing Conference supports this framework and encourages the legislature to put their support behind it.”

Read the testimony here.