The Federal, State and Local governments play an important role in funding and creating incentives to develop and preserve affordable housing. In collaboration with our Advisory Board, we are happy to announce our policy priorities for this year.

On the federal level, NYHC will be focusing on fighting for more funding for HUD housing programs and commenting on the Trump Administration’s dangerous Community Reinvestment Act and Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Act proposed changes. NYHC will also continue to fight for the passage of the Affordable Housing Credit Improvement Act. With the Presidential election later this year, NYHC will be also preparing for other opportunities for federal policy and budget changes.

On the state level, this is the last year of funding for the current 5-year State Housing Plan. Our state focus this year will be making sure that final year of funding is fully allocated and bolstered, and in coalition with 14 other organization, NYHC is also proposing a budgetary and policy vision of what should be in the next 5 year housing plan (FY 2022-27). Here is the collaborative proposal for additional housing resources to address our growing homeless population and unrelenting affordable housing crisis.

Our city agenda will heavily focus on NYCHA’s urgent preservation needs and coming up with innovative policy recommendations for the future mayor’s housing plan in collaboration with more than 50 partner organizations under NYHC’s United for Housing campaign.

For the full Policy Agenda, please see link here.