New York Housing Conference recently launched United for Housing, a campaign for 2021 mayoral investment in housing. We are bringing stakeholders together in a collaborative process with cross-sector dialogue to make housing policy recommendations for NYC’s next mayor. As a big-tent coalition, we will convene affordable housing experts and leaders in issues such as health, education, environment, racial and criminal justice. Our goal is for participants to work together to form a blueprint for capital investment for affordable housing which are expected to include policy recommendations on public housing, homelessness, zoning and tax policy. We encourage participants to bring new ideas and fresh perspectives as we think through ways to improve housing affordability for New Yorkers and to help communities thrive. In addition to unit production goals, we will consider new metrics and outcomes to measure successful housing investment.  Reaching agreement on housing issues is never easy so we’ve agreed on a common starting point. The following Guiding Principles adopted by the Advisory Group will serve as the foundation for more detailed recommendations. NYC’s next mayor’s housing plan should:

1. Prioritize preservation of public housing in a citywide affordable housing plan. 
2. Expand affordable housing supply through preservation and development. 
3. Improve housing affordability for the lowest income New Yorkers.
4. Reduce homelessness through coordinated housing and homeless policy.
5. Confront the legacy of systemic racial discrimination in housing with intentional policies and programs.

If your organization would like to be involved, please contact