Add your organization to a national letter urging ABC, Univision, and the moderators of the next presidential debate to ask the candidates about the most important issue impacting our economic well-being, health, educational success, and so much more – affordable homes.

The nation’s housing affordability crisis is an issue of paramount importance to voters. A recent national public opinion poll commissioned by NLIHC’s Opportunity Starts at Home campaign found 60% of people in America say housing affordability is a serious problem where they live, 61% report having to make sacrifices because they were struggling with housing costs, and 83% say elected officials are not paying enough attention to the need for more affordable housing. Nearly 8 in 10 say the president should “take major action” to make housing more affordable for low-income families, and 76% say they are more likely to vote for a candidate with a detailed plan.

In the last debates, several presidential candidates talked about affordable housing solutions for the first time ever in a presidential debate. Eleven presidential candidates have released major plans or other proposals to address the country’s housing affordability crisis, and more are coming soon. The candidates are talking about their housing plans on the campaign trail – in town hallsforumscoffees and beyond. 

But the issue of housing affordability in America needs to be front and center in the upcoming presidential debates!

Add your organization to the national letter calling for that today!