Congress has approved a short-term Continuing Resolution (CR) to temporarily continue funding until December 7th to all government programs without approved FY 2019 spending bills, which affects HUD and USDA housing programs. The bill will now be sent to the White House for final approval. President Trump has stated he intends to keep government open and will sign it. This means that both HUD and USDA housing programs will continue to be funded at FY 2018 levels. While a temporary CR is not ideal, HUD FY 2018 funding levels had been increased by 10% compared to the prior year. However, if the CR is extended, without an increase to Section 8 as allocated in the Senate FY 2019 spending bill there will be not sufficient funding to cover all vouchers. NYHC urges members of Congress to pass both USDA and HUD bills at the highest funding levels possible before Dec. 7th and to include funding for the Housing Voucher Mobility Demonstration program that had been designated in the House spending bill version.