The Senate passed its Transportation and Housing and Urban Development (THUD) spending bill over the summer, but the House still has not passed its THUD bill. However, last week, the House agreed to start conferencing with the Senate on a package of spending bills, which includes the THUD spending bill. NYHC urges Congress to adopt the Senate THUD spending bill’s HUD funding levels in its final conferenced version as the House THUD bill’s level that was voted out of committee does not sufficiently fund the renewal of all current Section 8 vouchers. Also, we ask that Congress include the $50 million in Section 8 Mobility Demonstration program funding, which is in the House THUD bill, but is absent from the Senate’s version. For a complete HUD program breakdown and comparison of the House and Senate THUD spending bills, please see NLIHC’s chart.

If Congress does not pass all of its spending bills by the end of the federal fiscal year, September 30th, it must pass a Continuing Resolution (CR) to continue government funding. If the conferenced THUD bill is not passed by then and a CR is passed, HUD funding will continue based on FY 2018 funding levels likely until after the election.