Park @220 will serve as a model for the numerous other trailer parks throughout the county and the state. A decades-old trailer park made up of mostly outdated “mobile” homes that could no longer be relocated by law. The previous owner was behind in the tax payments and the water bills. The municipality was faced with turning off the water, during the Holiday season, to residents that had been paying their lot rents. This predicament led the municipality to work with the Land Bank to take over ownership of the park. The Land Bank facilitated negotiations between the owner, local government and NYS housing agencies allowing the Greater Mohawk Valley Land Bank (GMVLB) to gain title, with the owner paying down the past due utility bills. To address a statewide issue of deteriorating living conditions in the thousands of “mobile” homes, emblematic in this park, the Land Bank developed a plan to swap-out these structures with a permanent, Zero Energy modular house. The plan replaces energy-wasting trailers, which can cost the owners hundreds of dollars a month in utility costs and use those savings to finance a new house that will have a net-zero energy cost year over. Utilizing extensive insulation and solar panels the building will produce excess electricity in the summer months that will offset the electric draw during the winter months.

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