In April, the State of New York passed the Lawful Source of Income Anti-Discrimination Act of 2019, adding source of income as a protected characteristic under the State Human Rights Law. Across the State, households with income from sources other than employment and households seeking to pay all or part of their rent with public subsidies are now protected from illegal housing discrimination. This seminar will feature experienced civil rights attorneys who, for the past 10 years, have been enforcing the source of income discrimination law in New York City. The seminar will highlight some of the unique issues that arise in source of income cases that do not routinely occur in other fair housing cases.

Please join the Fair Housing Justice Center’s panel of experts in a discussion about legal strategies, investigative approaches, and types of remedies that can be obtained in source of income discrimination cases:

  • Kevin M. Cremin, Director of Litigation for Disability and Aging Rights, Mobilization for Justice
  • Robert Desir, Staff Attorney, Legal Aid
  • Diane L. Houk, Of Counsel, Emery Celli Brinckerhoff & Abady LLP
  • Armen Merjian, Legal Director, Housing Works
  • Mariann Meier Wang, Partner, Cuti Hecker Wang LLP
  • Shaye Belcon, Senior Investigative Coordinator, Fair Housing Justice Center

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