NYHC 47th Annual Awards Program Recap

Thank you to our 2020 Annual Awards Program event sponsors, symposium moderators, speakers, and Program/Community Impact Committee Members! Also very a special thank you to Senator Chuck Schumer, our keynote speaker, and Alice Elliott, for allowing us to screen “Miracle on 42nd Street’ during our movie night segment.


Our theme “Housing: Critical Response” celebrates the affordable housing and community development industry’s collective response to mitigate the uprecedented disruption caused by the coronavirus pandemic . Our awards program paid tribute to deserving honorees with videos that demonstrated how their work has truly benefited the lives of residents and communities of affordable and public housing during these extraordinary times:

We hope you had a chance to view the Community Impact Competition Gallery. In its fifth year, 59 projects were submitted highlighting the breadth of innovation and dedication in the affordable housing community. Congratulations to the year’s winner, Bronx Commons!

Again, we cannot thank you enough for attending Housing: Critical Response! 

Federal Housing Panel
Miracle on 42nd Street: The Conversation
Undesign the Redline Panel
U.S. Senator Charles Schumer, (D) Keynote Speaker
Supportive Housing of New York 2020 Nonprofit of the Year Recipient
Trinity Financial 2020 Developer of the Year Recipient
Carol Corden 2020 Clara Fox Award Recipient
designing the WE 2020 Public Service Award Recipient