Trump’s Budget Cuts $7.4 Billion in HUD Funds

President Trump’s FY 2018 Budget cuts HUD funding by 15% compared to FY 2017.  If enacted, this budget would cause a rise in homelessness, accelerate the decline of public housing infrastructure and curb affordable housing production.

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Real Lives Impacted: HUD Programs

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Harrison Kyle Jones Jr. is a U.S. Navy Veteran. He currently lives in Liberty Village, supportive housing in Long Island, NY. HUD’s VASH program helps pay a portion of his rent- without it, he would be homeless. Kyle struggled for years to maintain stable housing after his mother passed away and he lost his family home. He also lost his job and retirement savings due to medical and mental health issues. Kyle says he would have trouble affording basics such as food and transportation without housing assistance. He wants the same program to be available to other veterans coming home that need affordable housing.

“It’s a very, very scary proposition to be out on the street.”Kyle


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Nancy Sanchez is a former house cleaner and language teacher living in HUD 202 Housing for the Elderly in Brooklyn, NY. She is diabetic with mobility issues. Nancy says she struggles to afford healthy food and pay for medical expenses living on social security payments with an annual income of $10,692.  Trump’s budget increases tenant rent payments which would raise Nancy’s rent by $1092 this year.  At age 62, Nancy says affordable senior housing is a “blessing” but she worries about being able to afford a rent increase under Trump’s rent reform proposal which would increase her rent payments and take away her utility allowance.

“I can’t afford $90 extra in my budget. It would affect everything.”Nancy

Click image to hear Pedro’s story

Pedro Rodriguez is a retired textile worker who receives social security and a small pension.  With an annual income of $16,977, he can’t afford market rent in New York City and waited 8 years to get an affordable apartment in HUD 202 Housing for the Elderly in Brooklyn, NY.  Like many other seniors living in HUD assisted housing, his rent will skyrocket if Trump’s rent reform proposal goes through. Pedro’s rent would increase by $1,236 annually. He calls the increase “unfair”.

“We all live on a fixed income. It’s going to be a burden on people like me.”Pedro

Take Action!

Join NYHC and 50 other organizations in the #NoCuts Coalition to protest HUD cuts!  Click here to sign on your organization today to receive details about future actions in support of HUD funding!

Join the Housing Day of Action on July 29th!

New York Housing Conference is partnering with National Low Income Housing Coalition – together with their members, national and state partners, mayors and other elected officials – in planning a Housing Day of Action called “Our Homes, Our Voices” on July 29.

On that day and throughout the week leading up to the event, advocates across the country will hold coordinated activities calling for a greater investment in affordable homes and community development. Check out, follow the campaign on twitter at @ourhomesvoices.

Stay tuned for further details on our planned NY action!