• New 421-a “Affordable Housing NY Program” Legislation

    The 421-a real estate tax abatement which has been suspended since January 2016 has been rebranded as the “Affordable Housing NY Program” in legislation announced on Sunday by Governor Cuomo.  The 421-a tax abatement had been previously restructured in June 2015 to provide 3 options for affordable rental housing developed which were to work in […] Read More
  • Repairs for City Housing Project in Jeopardy Due to PABC Delay

    “What I’ve heard is that the tax credit pricing is only committed to through December 31, and what we’re hearing in a lot of affordable housing projects is, because of tax reform at the federal level, a lot of investors aren’t willing to hold their pricing,” Rachel Fee, executive director of the New York Housing […] Read More
  • Clock is Ticking on Vital Affordable-Housing Funds

    New York Housing Conference teamed up with NYSAFAH for this Crain’s New York op-ed pushing for the release of promised affordable housing funds, the delay of which puts at risk the loss of thousands of new affordable housing units. This $2 billion, promised in a memorandum of understanding, or MOU, represents an unfulfilled piece of […] Read More
  • NYHC Discusses Trump’s Impact on Affordable Housing

    After Donald Trump nominated Dr. Ben Carson to lead the department of Housing and Urban Development, Josh Robin analyzed the impact on New York with Bronx Councilman Ritchie Torres, Rachel Fee of the New York Housing Conference and NYU Professor Jacob Faber. Panelists discuss what Dr. Ben Carson might mean for HUD and some of […] Read More
  • New York City Exempted From Changes to Section 8 Housing

    “If you don’t have the vacancy to move around, what kind of opportunity are you creating?” said Rachel Fee, executive director of the New York Housing Conference, an affordable-housing group. Many people “would be forced to stay where they are and find a cheaper unit in their existing neighborhood.” Read More
  • Assembly Must Weigh in on Developer-Union Deal to Revive 421-a Tax Break

    Rachel Fee of the New York Housing Conference said her organization hoped to see “speedy adoption by the New York State Legislature as well as immediate action on signing a Memorandum of Understanding with Governor Cuomo to spend $2 billion in a 5-year statewide affordable housing plan.” That separate issue of the MOU has been […] Read More
  • President-elect Trump Unlikely to Hurt Real Estate Industry that Made Him

    “While programs like the low income housing tax credit and Section 8 vouchers were created as bipartisan initiatives, the Republican policy platform launched this year didn’t address affordable housing at all,” said Rachel Fee, executive director of the nonprofit New York Housing Conference. “We have no idea what to expect in terms of federal priorities.” Read More
  • NYHC Announces New RAD Infographic

    NYHC launches new infographic highlighting benefits of RAD and addressing important public housing resident questions on tenant rights. Click to download full document. Read More
  • Cuomo Moves Toward Firming Up $2 Billion Housing Plan

    “We are glad the Governor is now trying to move the MOU forward. Housing affordability is a concern for 1 in 3 New Yorkers and it is a shame for lawmakers to sit by while $2 billion in enacted funds could be put to good use,” said Rachel Fee of the New York Housing Conference. Read More